Thursday, September 15, 2011

Injection Quill

An injection quill is designed to ensure rapid dispersal of injected chemicals. Quills by Neptune areavailable in different materials and each includes a check valve to prevent backflow. Quill should beinstalled using the appropriate piping compound or Teflon tape. To install, point the quill upward,between four to eight o’clock position in the pipe so gravity can assist the check valve in seating. Spring-loaded models can be installed in other positions if necessary.

Use standard length quills for lines smaller than four-inch diameter. For smaller lines, it is alsorecommended to trim quill so chemical is released near the center of line. For lines over four-inchdiameter, use lines as it is. 

For rapid chemical dispersal, install with drill indentation (V-notch) facingupstream so flow strikes angled face at the end of the quill. For ease of maintenance, it is recommended to install an isolation valve, rated above line operating pressure and immediately behind

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